LAYZE Bundle
LAYZE Bundle
LAYZE Bundle
LAYZE Bundle
LAYZE Bundle

LAYZE Bundle

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LAYZE Roller

We know that rolling is a Labor of Love, and you enjoy every minute of it… but for all those other times, we have the answer. All-in-one and Portable, GRIND & PACK your Perfect and Consistent Roll in seconds.

- Premium Polycarbonate for effortless shredding
- Magnetically sealed lid
- Triple polished & scratch resistant
- Transparent design lets you see the process from Start to Finish
- Storage with tight closure for freshness and odor control
- Includes Packer to assist with filling cones and cleaning grinder
- Portable size that fits in most pockets
- Product Size: 1.6" x 1.6" x 5"
- Vibrant colors: CLEAR, RED, GREEN, SMOKE

Grind, Roll and Pack your Cone or Fastpack in 30 seconds!


All-Natural Pre-Rolled Rolling paper - 18 PER BOX.

FASTPACK was developed using No-Glue Paper Stich process. All Natural Rolling Paper that's unbleached and chlorine free. Unlike the competition, our Pre-rolls are made without glue or gumming, smoke what you want without any additives.

Our unique design lets you adjust the size & density of your roll while providing а smoother & fuller pull. Adjustable up to 6 inches.

Enjoy a perfect roll every time.


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